Triple chocolate dessert with kumquat

///Triple chocolate dessert with kumquat

Triple chocolate dessert with kumquat

Kumquat (the golden orange – kam kwat – according to the Chinese) which is sweet or drink symbol of the seductive and famous Corfu.

For 2 elongated baking pans my ingredients were the following:

4 big eggs,
120 g melted butter Corfu type (or if you prefer corn oil),
1 and ½ cup of praline,
125 g of plain dark chocolate 75% cocoa (broken into small pieces)
130 g of plain white chocolate (also broken in small pieces)
600 g self-raising flour
1 and ½ spoon of baking powder,
1/3 spoon of crystal vanilla,
½ spoon of citrus essential oil (only in big Supermarkets),
½ glass of fresh milk,
100 g of kumquat spoon sweet, without the syrup.

At first, I drained the kumquat from its syrup (even though it was well thickened and not liquid) and I cut every fruit in half to remove its pits because even though they are very small, it’s best that no one finds them while enjoying the dessert accidentally chewing them.

Then I put my eggs in a deep bowl and I beat them very well with the whisk.
I added the melted butter and the praline and I beat them again until my ingredients were very well combined.

Then inside the blend I added the milk, the vanilla and the citrus essential oil. I beat them again very well and I added the two types of broken chocolate.

I slowly added the flour, where I had already added the baking powder until it was fully absorbed by my liquid ingredients. A nice scented blend of dessert was ready!

I put inside of my baking pans parching paper and I put in every pan ¼ of my blend. I put a nice layer of cut kumquat on top of it (on both pans) with the rest of the blend.

I baked in a preheated oven fan-forced, at 170o C (depending on the oven) for approximately 40 minutes. Up until my knife came out dry from my liquid dessert blend.

I let it rest. I put it out of the pans, I removed the paper and I cut to see how it looks and then I thought that it would really look good with a chocolate icing.

So I glassed ½ cup of praline diluted with 2 spoons of orange juice that were previously heated inside a cup in the microwave.

You can do the same with some warm water or even better, if you are lucky and you have kumquat liqueur, use that!
Finally, I decorated with a few whole kumquats the chocolate top.