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Project Description


This particular liqueur is produced by extracting the lemon peels in alcohol, with the traditional way that is carried from one generation to the other for so many years: The peels are carefully cleaned, so that there is no white on the inside part that makes it bitter. Then they are placed inside stainless containers with the alcohol so that the chemical alcohol will absorb the substances, the scent and the color of the fruits. Then the syrup is added, to compose the liqueur. The filtering and the bottling of the liqueur then follow.

Transparent, scented and tasty, limoncello liqueur is served ice cold as digestive upon every meal. It is combined with sweet tarts, fruit salads, desserts and dried fruits. It is also amazing with crushed ice or as a cocktail ingredient.

Limoncello Cream Liqueur is created by adding milk at the final stage of the production process. Its velvety texture makes it an excellent ingredient for cocktails.

Limoncello Classic

Limoncello Cream