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Lazaris Brand Store

34 Ag. Vasileiou str.
(Corfu Old Town)
P: +30 26610 41102

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Ceviche sea ​​bass fillet with Lazaris Crema di Limoncello and Kumquat

INGREDIENTS FOR ONE PERSON 300 gr. sea ​​bass fillet 4 teaspoons lime juice 3 teaspoons kumquat juice Juice of

Halva with fig pie and kumquat

INGREDIENTS: 260 gr. Sugar 10 gr. Glucose 450 gr. Tahini 1 teaspoon water 1 vanilla 50 gr. Fig Pie

Kumquat Spoon Sweet in modern diet!

Habits and sweet memories of our childhood. Spoon Sweets appeared whenever visitors came at home as a welcoming treat.