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Brief History

The history of the Corfu distillery Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets dates back in 1924. That was when the famous Kumquat, the tiny citrus fruit with the amazing scent, began being cultivated on the island of Corfu.

For over 11 years Konstantinos Lazaris and his team continue the gastronomic tradition of the island with great passion in order to introduce the modern, global consumer to the authentic tastes of another era.

Following the local recipe, they produce Corfu’s traditional drink, the kumquat liqueur. At the same time, they are inspired by the rest agricultural products of the island and they make homemade sweets reviving flavors and scents of the past.

The Production Unit

In a state of the art, privately owned 4.500 m2 building the past meets the future. The agricultural production, the passed down from one generation to the other recipes, the historical and cultural heritage of Corfu are combined with the national safety and health standards, with the contemporary aesthetic and the contemporary gastronomy.

Lazaris Products are special because:
1. They are homemade and are made in small quantities.
2. They are based on traditional recipes from the Ionian Islands.
3. They are healthy, as they don’t contain chemical preservatives.
4. They don’t contain fat, since only fruits, alcohol & sugar are used for their production.
5. They are modern and innovative with modern design.
6. They are characterized by Corfu’s tradition & elegance.

The unit is certified with ISO 22000:2005.