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Tradition and elegance from Corfu

The production unit for Corfu drinks and sweets, Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets is located in Corfu, on the road to Achilleion. For 11 years, Constantinos Lazaris and his team continue the gastronomic tradition of the island with passion reviving flavors and scents of the past. They follow the local recipes and they produce a series of Corfu homemade sweets and liqueurs based on the

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Triple chocolate dessert with kumquat

Kumquat (the golden orange – kam kwat – according to the Chinese) which is sweet or drink symbol of the seductive and famous Corfu. For 2 elongated baking pans my ingredients were the following: 4 big eggs, 120 g melted butter Corfu type (or if you prefer corn oil), 1 and ½ cup of praline, 125 g of plain dark chocolate 75% cocoa (broken into

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Limon Pie Cocktail

Ingredients: 30 ml Vodka Lazaris 40 ml Crema Di Limoncello Lazaris 30 ml Fresh Lemon Juice 20 ml Vanilla Syrup Biscuit Crumb Glass: Coupette Method: Place into the shaker all the ingredients except the biscuit crumb. Add ice, shake well for ten seconds. Double strained into the glass. Garnish with Biscuit Crumb. Garnish Method: In a small plate add 20 ml Vanilla syrup and place

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